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Published on July 05, 2011 17:31

One year after an American nutritionist found that a McDonald's Happy Meal did not decompose for a whole year due to being packed with preservatives, a similar case arose in Chongqing recently, where a resident accidentally discovered that two moon cakes remained fresh after three years, according to the Chongqing Evening News on Monday.

The resident, surnamed Liu, said that she bought several moon cakes for Mid-Autumn Day in 2008. She decided to save two of the moon cakes as she liked the packaging.

It was not until this Monday that Liu came across the two moon cakes while cleaning her house.

"Astonishingly, they look exactly the way they did when I bought them. They did not decompose or get mildewed at all," said Liu.

The packaging showed that the two moon cakes were both produced by Chongqing Jiashide Food Co., Ltd, and that their guarantee period is 50 days.

Reporters found that both the exteriors and interiors of the moon cakes looked fresh.

"How could it stay fresh after three years? Is it because of the preservatives that are added to the cake?" asked Liu.

The moon cake factory's manager, surnamed Xiong, admitted that they do put food preservatives into moon cakes, including potassium sorbate and sodium dehydroacetate. “We have strictly followed the country's rules for food addictives. It can't be wrong,"Xiong said.

Liu Chonghua, manager of the Golden Cake Dream Kingdom firm (Chongqing Huashengyuan Food Co., Ltd), said that theoretically moon cakes can be preserved for a long time if high-level manufacturing technology is guaranteed and the entire process is thoroughly clean and free from bacteria.

Liu added that it still requires test from the appropriate authorities to tell why the moon cakes can stay fresh for three years.

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