Global Times | Zhang Wen
Published on March 19, 2013 23:58

A picture of feces on a Line 13 subway train in Beijing has attracted wide public condemnation of the low standards of public behavior.

According to the photo uploaded to a Sina microblog at 5:12 pm Sunday by a man surnamed Shan, the feces, which was partly covered by yellow paper, was in the aisle of the train, with passengers standing as far away as possible.

"On subway Line 13, toward Shaoyaoju, who pooped there?? Doesn't he/she have basic social public morality/ethics?" Shan posted.

"I've seen this before, and this behavior isn't limited to the subway. Mostly it's because the kid can't hold it and the parents let them, but the parents are to blame. Why don't they bring a plastic bag with them?" said Beijing resident Liu Ying.

Jia Peng, spokesman for Beijing Subway Company, said the train was cleaned when it arrived at the terminus, but as they could not identify the culprit, they could only condemn such behavior.

"The key is to call for the public to raise awareness of public sanity," he said.

An anonymous operator from Beijing subway hotline said that if subway staff caught a pooper in the act, staff would call for subway security.

The operator said that all stations, except from Xidan to Sihui East on Line 1, have toilets. The distance between Line 13 stations can be seven to eight minutes, longer than average. There are cameras in stations and trains, but since no one reported the incident, they did not investigate.

This is just the latest in a series of subway incidents. In November 2012, a teenage boy was nicknamed "little brother poo" after he was pictured pooping in the corner of a crowded subway train in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. In February in Guangzhou, another teenager defecated into a garbage can at a subway station. Guangzhou Metro later posted a map of the locations of its toilets, the Southern Daily reported.