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Attn: parents of mixed Chinese kids
Global Times | June 28, 2011 03:59
By Du Qiongfang
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Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau on Monday strongly advised parents of biracial infants born in China with Chinese nationalities to make sure their paperwork is in order before arriving at local airports, after some 100 families have been prohibited from taking their infant children out of the country this year.

Mixed children with a Chinese nationality require a "pass certification" before they are permitted to go abroad, according to Chinese law.

"But the majority of parents are unaware of the policy, or cannot be bothered apply for the certificate, which mixed kids living in China need," Li Feng, a press officer for the bureau, told the Global Times on Monday. "If their parents don't get the certificate, then biracial kids are not legally allowed to leave the country."

After completing a national validation for their biracial children, parents can apply for the certificate at the city's Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, a process that takes at least seven working days and costs 100 yuan ($15).

Mixed children who hold a foreign nationality do not need the certificate, but are required to have the same travel documents as foreigners living in China. Dual citizenship is not recognized by China.

Li stressed that parents of biracial children with a Chinese nationality should get everything sorted before planning to go abroad to avoid putting a crinkle in travel plans.

"Mixed parents with children of Chinese nationalities, who have failed to get the certificate ahead of time, have been very frustrated and upset at the airport," Li added. "But without the valid documents, airport officials have no choice but to put their trips on hold."

Li further advised parents to carefully check the rules before making travel plans with their children.

More information on the issue can be sought through the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau's hot line at 021-2895-1900. English service is not provided, but non-Chinese speakers can visit the website for details.

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