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High-speed railway sees high vacancy rate
Global Times | August 01, 2011 18:12
By Global Times
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The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway has seen a high vacancy rate one month after being put into operation, while airlines between the two cities have welcomed a rebound in passenger numbers, according to a report of Oriental Morning Post on Monday.

The vacancy rate of G trains has reached about 70 percent for both first-class and second-class carriages, with business carriages nearly empty, said the report.

In contrast, the tickets for T110 trains, which travel at a lower speed but are still regarded as "express," have still enjoyed good sales. Tickets for Tuesday have been completely booked, and the situation is expected to continue over the next few days.

The Beijing-Shanghai routes for airlines have seen seat occupancy rates soar to 90 percent after a dip of four percent in price.

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