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Baidu fakes its search results, CCTV reveals
Global Times | August 17, 2011 02:55
By Xu Tianran
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Domestic search engine giant is once again being accused by State television of including unlicensed advertisers in its advertisement bid ranking results.

Anyone can place their website entries in higher positions on Baidu's search results as long as they pay enough, Central China Television (CCTV) reported on Monday.

To attract more clients, Baidu employees give tips to clients on how to muddle through the company's qualification verification with fake business licenses, said the report.

A victim from Hangzhou who used Baidu search engine to look for air ticket booking website was led to a fake "qunar" website at the top of the Baidu search results, the official TV channel reported.

"If swindlers can make use of Baidu like this, who else will believe it?" the unnamed customer was quoted as saying. "As long as you pay Baidu, you can advertise anything."

Baidu's search engine advertising program has been criticized for over two years.

In November 2008, another CCTV show reported that the Baidu Bidding Rank, a product that displays entries of the highest bidders on the best positions in its search results, has been used to promote fake medicine information and other deceptive advertisements.

"Baidu has not responded to the Monday CCTV report and I am not at liberty to answer any question," Baidu spokeswoman Wu Xi told the Global Times Tuesday.

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