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Farmer puts blinders on chickens to prevent fights
Global Times | September 06, 2011 20:47
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A farmer in Henan Province has gone to great lengths in order to prevent his chickens – all 12,000 of them – from fighting with each other: He’s outfitted them with special glasses, shown here.

“These chickens are aggressive and like fighting,” said 49-year-old Ge Chunhai. “If one becomes a loser in a fight, others will attack him so furiously that he will bleed and lose his feathers. Sometimes, the failed chicken’s intestines are fully torn out by his peers.”

Such fights can cause the death of as many as 10 in one day sometimes, Ge said. After seeing the glasses on a TV program last August, Ge decided to give them a try.

The glasses are made from two pieces of red plastic with a hole in the middle of each piece, with the cost of each pair only 0.15 yuan ($0.02).

They are fixed onto the chickens’ beaks and can be worn for about 20 days at a time. Among the 12,000 chickens owned by Ge, only 700 have no glasses, as they are “too quick and difficult for me to catch,” according to Ge.

He’s already found that his plan is working to reduce chicken squabbles.

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