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Apocalypse prep sees man build elaborate ‘Noah’s Ark’
Global Times | September 13, 2011 22:00
By Agencies
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One man’s dark doomsday expectations has led him to construct a makeshift “Noah’s Ark” recently – in the hopes of surviving what he believes will be the end of the world next year.

The man, an anonymous citizen of Luohe, Henan Province, contracted a local welding shop to help in his endeavor.

“The ‘ark’ is actually just a refurbished oil tank that we’ve retrofitted according to his specifications,” said a worker at the shop.

The body of the ark contains three chimney-like holes, which are said to be waterproof but should allow for sufficient air circulation. The space capsule-like construction can accommodate 20 people and includes a bathroom that “sends excrement outside the tank.” A storehouse for food and water, which should help a family survive for an entire month.

The ark will also be installed with six wheels, the shop worker said, “so that if the disaster comes, it could be pulled by a vehicle to make a quick escape. In addition, the tank could float on the water, and it’s completely waterproof if the doors, windows and vents are all closed.”

For cost, the worker said the apocalypse doesn’t come cheap.

“The single cost of the ark frame is about 20,000 yuan ($3,100), and the decorations and other amenities will cost more,” the worker said. According to the design, more things, like air compressor, air conditioners, generators, kitchen utensils and various electrical appliances will be installed.

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