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Fake goods target of aggressive campaign
Global Times | November 06, 2011 23:57
By Hao Di
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Authorities have launched a national crackdown on counterfeit goods with more than 250 million forged and low-quality products to be destroyed in 182 cities across the country.

The national campaign kicked off in Tianjing, North China, on Sunday, where a range of counterfeit goods from pesticides and seeds to food and drugs, books and CDs, were destroyed, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

By demonstrating and destroying the counterfeit goods confiscated by police, the campaign aims to call on the public to boycott counterfeiters, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

Liu Jinguo, a deputy minister of public security, said, "The illegal production and sale of counterfeit goods has infringed on intellectual property rights (IPR), seriously violated the public interest and hindered the country's innovation and development."

"Public security departments at all levels have attached great priority to the fight against such illegal practices and will continue to deal a devastating blow to them," added Liu.

Such security departments will further cooperate with related departments, including legislative and judiciary authorities, to improve the mechanism against IPR violation and production and the distribution of counterfeit goods, the report said.

The national crackdown on counterfeit goods is part of the campaign held by public security departments to root out IPR violations and the production and sale of counterfeit goods since November last year.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Public Security, by the end of October, authorities in the country had uncovered 28,607 cases of IPR infringement and production and sale of counterfeits.

As well they raided 22,107 production centers and have taken down 6,773 criminal gangs with a total value worth 18.02 million yuan ($2.84 million).

In October, authorities in Central China's Henan Province arrested 35 suspects for making and selling illegal cooking oil and found a total of 47 tons of oil worth more than 55 million yuan.

The "gutter oil," made from restaurant leftovers and collected from sewers, was supposed to be sold to local oil markets in Hubei, Gansu and Shandong provinces, said the Ministry of Public Security.

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