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China’s scale brings own set of challenges
Global Times | January 17, 2012 00:45
By Global Times
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The Taiwan leadership election touched a nerve of the Chinese mainland. If the Democratic Progressive Party had come to power, the atmosphere today would be quite different. The mainland was relieved once the election was over.

But can it also feel relieved over the South China Sea disputes, Tibetan and Xinjiang separatist forces and increasing Sino-US competition in Northeast and South Asia? China's troubles are seemingly everywhere.

Problems on the Chinese mainland are already abundant, but are enlarged by external influences.

For example, although Ma Ying-jeou's reelection is beneficial to the stability of the Taiwan Straits, this question overwhelmed the Internet on the mainland: Why can't the same style of elections be held here?

On the mainland, similar questions concerning democracy, equality and interests are countless and all sound reasonable. But the systems designed for modern countries are not exactly suitable for gigantic countries like China.

China is too big in both size and population. Its diversified behavior and mentalities are weakening its current national cohesion.

History leaves China with a cultural legacy as well as the Taiwan question and island disputes among other problems. Fortunately, it also grants the Chinese with a subconscious desire to pursue national rejuvenation.   

Because of its size, China risks being broken up. Therefore, maintaining  national and social stability becomes an overarching mission for Chinese society which will influence every person.

Under these conditions, there are more opportunities to improve individual life in big countries than in smaller ones. When troubles occur somewhere, help will come from all sides. For example, when faced with a flood, residents along the river will never feel alone. Besides, a long history and varied culture enable Chinese people to unify.

But this help is not a free lunch. To maintain it is the responsibility of every Chinese people and community.

It is the Chinese destiny to maintain the country's unity. We must safeguard the islands in the South China Sea, fight off the separatists within Taiwan and bravely deal with possible wars.

A great China is not necessarily beneficial in every way, but any progress in this pursuit will be. China is unique and cannot copy others.

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