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Western affection no bliss for Chinese
Global Times | February 20, 2012 21:03
By Andre Vltchek
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In the West, I believe books criticizing China are the only ones available about the country, apart from some cookbooks and travel guides. The West is willing to translate and publish only those books that are damning to China. Although they don't see it like that, censorship in the West is much stronger than in China.

When I go to any major Chinese bookstore in Beijing or Shanghai or anywhere else, I see thousands of books written by the people who are promoting political and economic systems that greatly differ from the Chinese system.

Now go to the big mainstream bookstores in New York or Chicago or Paris or Sydney, and see with your own eyes how many books promoting the Communist system or Latin American socialism there are on the front rows. Zero!

Therefore, Chinese people are much better informed about Western capitalism and the Western political system than Western readers are about China.

There is one essential reason: For the first time in modern history, the Western dominance of the world is being seriously challenged. And the West is panicking. It is too accustomed to rule.

China is not interested in dictating, but the very fact that the most populous nation on Earth is defending its right to choose its own course is maddening to a great number of Westerners.

Of course it is never pronounced like that, but framed in talk of human rights, sweatshops and Tibet.

China is a menace to the West because it is refusing to be a slave. And if China prevails, other countries may follow its example and try to be independent. Naturally, the US and European mass media is unleashing vitriolic propaganda against the countries like China, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, and so on.

What's worse, some Westerners' misunderstandings about China arise from bias. Many people both in Europe and the US still hold old stereotyped views of China, regardless of China's development and progress in the past decades.

The bias is so strong that some are reluctant to understand a real China at all.

The bias will be abandoned only when China fully abandons its course and accepts the "wise dictate" of the West, namely its political and economic system. Basically, they want China to do what South Korea and Japan did earlier. Japan is now paying dearly for accepting countless compromises forced on it by the US.

I would not suggest that China follows suit. As long as it stands on its own feet, the bias will always be there. This game is not about fair play, it is about controlling the world, something that the West has done for centuries.

As a matter of fact, no matter what China does, it will never be loved by Western neocons. But the question is: Why should it be loved by them? I think China should stand firm again Western imperialism. To be "loved" by imperialism and market fundamentalist forces is no achievement. I personally would see it as a failure.

China should be proud of being disliked by the West, or more precisely by the Western elites and the regime. China should promote its socialist essence and convince the world that its achievements and tremendous success are in the name of its people.

It is true that at present China has lost to some extent the propaganda war with the West since the West has convinced many people all over the world that "China is actually more capitalist than historically capitalist countries," that "the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, and that "Communism is only some kind of rhetoric."

I actually believe that China is a very successful socialist country and that its system is there to serve the people.

But I also believe that China and its media and intellectuals do very little to explain this to the world. If it manages to explain, it would gain tremendous support not just in the West.

The West recognizes only strength. China has to stay on its course and listen to the needs and desires of its people. Excessive compromises will not gain sympathy in the West. They will be seen as signs of weakness. Only a strong, socially oriented and compassionate China will be eventually accepted by the entire world.

The article was compiled by Global Times reporter Xu Ming based on an interview with Andre Vltchek, a US novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist.


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