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Beijing tops 20 million
Global Times | March 06, 2012 00:15
By Wei Na
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Beijing tops 20 million

According to statistics released from Beijing's municipal statistics bureau, the city's population reached 20.18 million by the end of 2011, an increase of 567,000 residents compared to the previous year, the Beijing News said yesterday.

Statistics showed that the population density was 1,230 people per square kilometer, 35 more people than the previous year. There were 7.42 million migrants, 36.8 percent of the whole population.

The number of registered cars in Beijing was 4.98 million up to the end of 2011, an increase of 174,000 vehicles, of which 3.89 million were privately owned.

There were 977 fatal accidents, including road traffic accidents, rail accidents and fires, in which 1,089 people died in 2011.

Gold bar taken for trash

A 40-year-old woman, surnamed Hu, was charged for theft of a gold bar in Fengtai court yesterday, but she insisted she was not guilty as she did not know it was gold, according to the Legal Mirror yesterday report.

Hu worked as a cleaning lady for a family living in a community in Fengtai district who sued her for stealing a bag containing a gold bar, worth 34,564 yuan ($5,482) last October. Hu argued she thought it was a garbage bag. When the judge asked why she didn't return it later, Hu could not reply. No verdict was returned yesterday.

Global Times

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