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College girl underwear fashion show sparks debate
Global Times | March 07, 2012 19:45
By Zheng Yi
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Officials from Radio and Film College of Chengdu University of Technology in Sichuan Province have to address netizens' discontent after a video spread on the Internet showing some of their students walking a runway in nothing but underwear.

The video posted on, one of the biggest video websites in China, shows female students modeling various types of intimate wear before endless applause and cheering from a live audience.

The video has more than 300,000 views, and a series of pictures from the show had over 1 million views as of Monday, according to Chengdu Evening News. The show's popularity sparked debate over whether such a display is appropriate in an academic setting.

"I am in support of such performances because they show university students' creativity," Tina Wang, a senior student at Communication University of China, told the Global Times. "Also, I hope more universities organize activities like this because they are places for students to think freely and display their talents."

However, Feng Zhen, a senior student at Binzhou Medical University in Shandong Province, could not disagree more. "It is shameful for university students to wear so little clothing. There are many other types of clothes that better reflect what students are wearing," she told the Global Times yesterday.

Sun Haorui, who heads the publicity department at Radio and Film College of Chengdu University of Technology, told the Global Times that this fashion show was not only organized by students, it was approved by the school.

"In addition to this performance, there were several other fashion shows that featured all kinds of clothing. This event was only a small part of a larger program," said Sun.

Wang Hongcai, a professor at Xiamen University, told the Global Times that fashion shows like this are not appropriate for students with unrelated majors.

"However, for students who are majoring in modeling, participation in such an event is good practice for them," said Wang.

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