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Celebrity voice on April 9: Zhao Pu warns not to eat frozen yogurt | April 09, 2012 21:33
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Yang Jiang, the chief journalist of Xinmin Weekly Magazine

Zhao Pu, a CCTV host, warned people on Monday through his Weibo not to eat frozen yogurt or jelly without providing any details, merely saying the inside story was terrible. However, he is just an anchor and not an investigative reporter. I think he crossed the line this time. Food safety is a sensitive topic which concerns all of us. It's true that leather-hydrolyzed protein is sometimes used during food production. Several years ago, I found that it was used in dairy drinks and reconstituted milk. It was later reported that it was used for producing cold drinks and jelly. In my opinion, when he releases such kind of information, he should release the names of the companies concerned and evidence. It's inappropriate to merely release a warning which concerns an entire industry. He should be cautious.

@深圳老崔: Aren't quality watchdogs and administrations for industry and commerce supposed to hold responsibility for this? Why must he release the companies' names? If you know, you could release them. It's his right not to release them. Under such an environment, it's necessary for him to protect his family and himself in this way.

I don't think so. It's good that he informs us of this, though he cannot release the companies' names due to obstacles.

@橙子CH: Zhao Pu's behavior is a little inappropriate. I hope he can release more investigation results. At a time when food safety is very sensitive, his courage is worthy of praise but I don't encourage such behavior.

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