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Bo removed from Politburo
Global Times | April 11, 2012 01:30
By Xinhua-Global Times
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The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has decided to suspend Bo Xilai's membership of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and the CPC Central Committee, as he is suspected of being involved in serious discipline violations.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the decision is in line with the CPC Constitution and the rules on investigation of CPC discipline inspection departments. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC will file the case for an investigation.

The police have set up a team to reinvestigate the case where British citizen Neil Heywood was found dead in Chongqing on November 15, 2011, which was alleged by Wang Lijun who entered the US general consulate in Chengdu without authorization on February 6, Xinhua quoted the authorities.

Police authorities paid high attention to the case, and are reinvestigating the case according to law with an attitude to seek truth from facts.

According to investigation results, Bogu Kailai, Bo's wife, and their son were in good terms with Heywood.

However, they had an argument on economic interests, which intensified.

Xinhua reported that the existing evidence indicated that Heywood died in a homicide, for which Bogu Kailai and Zhang Xiaojun, an orderly at Bo's home, are under high suspicion.

Bogu Kailai and Zhang have been transferred to judicial authorities for the suspected crime of intentional homicide.

Xinhua quoted senior officials from related authorities as saying that China is a socialist country ruled by law, and the sanctity and authority of law shall not be trampled.

Whoever has broken the law will be handled in accordance with law and will not be tolerated, no matter who they are.

Cai Zhiqiang, a professor on Party building with the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, told the Global Times Tuesday that the incident would neither disrupt the Party's 18th National Congress in fall nor the country's long-term political and social development.

The selection of our cadre group follows its own path, and wouldn't be affected by any single incident. Any generation of the Party's central collective leadership will definitely follow the Party's line and guiding policies, Cai said.

According to a decision of the CPC Central Committee announced on March 15, Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang was appointed Party chief of Chongqing, replacing Bo.

A senior official with the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee confirmed with Xinhua on March 15 that the Central Committee had decided to remove Wang from the position of vice mayor of Chongqing.

Wang, who was regarded as a leading figure in Chongqing's anti-gang campaign, used to double as police chief until early February before he entered the US consulate.

At a press conference after the conclusion of this year's National People's Congress session on March 14, Premier Wen Jiabao said the Chongqing authorities must "seriously" reflect on and draw lessons from the Wang Lijun incident.

The Premier said the issue will be handled according to laws and based on facts.

"As far as the result of the investigation and how this matter will be handled are concerned, an answer must be given to the people and the result of the investigation should be able to stand the test of law and history," he said.

Cai said the government's disclosure of information surrounding the incident in the past two months has been relatively sufficient, given the time needed for a comprehensive investigation.

"The central authority has made public almost the whole picture about the incident, fulfilling its commitment of giving an answer to the people," Cai noted.

Following the dismissal of Bo and Wang, Chongqing has witnessed a major reshuffle of senior positions.

At the 30th session of the Standing Committee of the third Chongqing Municipal People's Congress on March 23, He Ting was appointed as vice mayor and head of the municipal Public Security Bureau.

The Xinhua report put an end to online rumors concerning the incident that have circulated during the last two months.

The topic was hotly discussed and the Xinhua report was reposted almost 90,000 times within an hour of its release late last night on Sina Weibo.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Tuesday he welcomed China's announcement on its investigation into the death of Heywood, Reuters reported.


Xinhua – Global Times contributed to this story

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