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Tourist season brings higher ticket prices to China's top destinations | April 25, 2012 17:35
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With the approaching tourist season, the next several months might see a tendency in rising in ticket prices involving over 20 famous scenic spots throughout China, and an increase in prices  ranging from 20 to 60 percent.

In 2007, the National Development and Reform Commission ordered that the adjustment rate of ticket prices to scenic spots should not be less than three years. The last time this many scenic spots in China changed their ticket prices was in 2008, the Economic Observer reported.

@麦子摇摇摇: The scenic spots are actually Chinese people's precious treasures. The tickets can cost as such, and the money should be used to maintain the scenic spots, and on construction, and drive local economic development. But people cannot freely spend the money collected from the ticket sales.

@Davis的sky: Except for those scenic spots privately exploited, any scenic spots developed with public investment should function as a social public welfare and service. They should not be excessively commercialized. Many scenic spots are designed for people to relax at and they also play a role in cultural transmission and scientific research. These things are priceless and help with human civilization. They should not become tools and means for making profits.

@张增一的微博: On one hand, museums are lowering their ticket prices or letting people in for free, on the other hand, the ticket prices to scenic spots are increasing. The tourism economy has been reduced to a ticket economy.

@小心冀翼: The prices should be fair as long as it's not a monopolized industry. However, the floating system in place for ticket prices should be implemented at scenic spots. During the peak period of tourism, the prices should be increased, and in the off season, the prices should be lowered.

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