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Shanghai population surges to 23.47 million
Global Times | May 05, 2012 00:15
By Liu Dong
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The permanent resident population in Shanghai increased to 23.47 million by the end of 2011, and experts predicted the rising trend will not slow down as the number could reach 30 million by 2020. 

According to figures released by the Shanghai Population and Family Planning Commission (SPFPC) on Friday, the actual population in Shanghai has risen 455,000 over the past year based on the sixth national census results published in April 2011 to 23.47 million, accounting for 1.7 percent of the nation's whole population.

The SPFPC predicted that some 180,000 babies will be born in 2012 in Shanghai, almost the same level of 2011. Meanwhile, the proportion of elderly people was also increasing, with the number of people above 60 rising to 3.31 million, accounting for 23.4 percent of residents who held a Shanghai permanent residence permit.

Academic studies predicted that the population in Shanghai will continually increase to 30 million by 2020, while the city's maximum capacity is 50 million, according to population experts.

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