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CCTV host Yang Rui responds to online uproar
Global Times | May 22, 2012 00:25
By Yang Rui
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Editor's Note:

Yang Rui is the Managing Editor and Host of Dialogue on CCTV News, which endeavors to present news about China and the world from a Chinese perspective and in a balanced way. He is responding to an article posted May 18th on the website of Wall Street Journal, which was published without his knowledge or comment.

For a long time, many young Chinese took it for granted that Westerners are well-educated and polite since they come from industrialized nations, where the rule of law prevails. Most of them are friendly. They travel, do business and make an honest living here. But some are not, as a number of recent videos involving the apparent attempted rape of a young Chinese girl on one of the main streets of our capital and the disrespect shown to a middle-aged woman on a Chinese train.

The sensational nature of the empowered new media means that some isolated events can trigger strong public reactions. After looking at these incidents, I termed these expats "foreign trash" and I believe they should be brought to justice if they are found to have violated our laws.

I want to separate them from the silent majority in the expat communities who obey and respect our culture and society. Singling out this "foreign trash" serves to protect the good reputation of decent Westerners. My post on May 16th is a wake-up call. Western or Chinese, no one should be above the law. In writing my blog that day, I was reacting to the online videos I saw and used an unfortunate example, a group whom I perceived to be hostile to China and its people, who had been recently expelled from China. It was a reaction of the moment and nothing more.

The more serious part of the accusations against me is the mischaracterization of what I said in Chinese; "Po Fu" if you look it up on Jin Shan Ci Ba, one of the most popular Chinese translation sites, and A Chinese-English Dictionary, the third edition published by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in January, 2010, means "shrew." 

I hope this will put this issue to rest for those who are willing to listen.


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