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Drive safe, you complete muppet
Global Times | June 03, 2012 19:00
By Agencies
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Song Changjiang, 27, finally won the right to use a BMW car valued at 278,000 yuan ($43,618) for five years, by touching it for 87 hours at a real estate promotion activity in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

The promotion activity was held from May 27 until 6:30 am on May 31 and ended when another competitor withdrew.

According to the rule, competitors could have 15 minutes rest for every four hours of touching the car.

On the evening of May 30, only He Jia, Qiu Jianjun and Song remained in. But around 3:35 am the next day, He fell to the ground and could not continue.

Around 6:30 am, Qiu Jianjun wisely told the judge he was abandoning the competition out of sheer exhaustion.

Though he had won the prize, Song was not happy, as he could not even walk due to swollen heels. "In the future, even if 5 million yuan are put in front of me, I would not take part in such a competition again," Song said.

Song recalled that around noon on May 30, "his head was spinning and his ears were humming. My hands and feet are weak. It was like being kidnapped and forced to take part in this competition."

Chengdu Business Daily

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