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Ferrari convoy was speeding
Global Times | June 11, 2012 01:45
By Lu Chen in Shanghai
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A group of maniac drivers in multimillion-yuan Ferraris had their driver's license suspended or were fined 200 yuan ($31.40) after being caught speeding on Hangzhou-Xin'anjiang-Jingdezhen Expressway Saturday, according to police in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Highway traffic police in Hangzhou said traffic monitors detected one of the drivers traveling at 213 kilometers per hour along the 100 kilometer per hour highway.

Altogether, drivers of eight Ferraris were stopped at a toll booth and charged with speeding. Five drivers were caught driving over 150 kilometers per hour. They had their driver's license confiscated. One of the drivers who could not produce his driver's license had his car impounded.

It was not disclosed what fines they will face or for how long their license would be suspended. It is also not known how their cars were driven away from the toll booth.

Three other drivers that were caught speeding under 150 kilometers per hour were fined 200 yuan and given three demerit points.

It appears the police have known for some time that a convoy of Ferraris often travels at high speeds on the highway.

"These drivers were heading for Qiandao Lake. Based on our experience, we believed they would take this expressway and we decided to stop them at the exit to Qiandao Lake," a traffic police officer surnamed Zheng told the Hangzhou-based newspaper Today Morning Express yesterday.

Thirty minutes after detecting the speeding cars on traffic monitors, eight police officers arrived at the toll booth where they stopped eight Ferraris. They were too late to catch the lead group.

"Six of them had already passed the toll booth before we arrived," a police officer told the newspaper Qianjiang Evening News, adding that they will be tracked down by their license plate number and fined.

Police say they are aware of 34 Ferrari drivers who sometimes gather at Qiandao Lake. 

The fastest driver, surnamed Tang, told police that he had been left behind the main group and was speeding in the hope of catching up with the others.

A Ferrari cost at least 2 million yuan and the most expensive in the group is worth more than 4 million yuan, said police.

The media officer of Ferrari in Shanghai could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The Italian sports car maker apologized in May after a publicity stunt left tire marks on the 600-year-old ancient city wall in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu Province.

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