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25 killed in shoe factory fire in Lahore, Pakistan
Xinhua | September 11, 2012 23:29
By Agencies
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At least 25 people wre killed and 27 injured in a shoe factory fire that broke out on Tuesday afternoon in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore, reported local media Dunya quoting hospital sources.

The injured include two rescue workers, said hospital sources, adding some of the injured are suffering severe burns and the death toll could further rise.

According to the local media reports, the fire broke out at about 4:35 p.m. in a shoe factory located on the northern outskirts of Lahore.

Fire brigades and rescue teams rushed to the site shortly after the fire was reported.

At least three fire engines were involved in the operation to put out the fire. So far the fire has been brought under control, said fire fighters

All the people rescued have been shifted to Meo Hospital in the city, said rescue workers, adding that the rescue work is still go oning as there are still some workers feared trapped inside the badly burnt factory building.

Local TV footage showed that during the rescue operation rescue workers tried to smash a hole on the wall of the factory building in order to free the workers trapped inside.

Initial investigations showed that the fire first broke out at a generator supplying electricity to the factory due to short circuit. The fire then spread to the chemical materials piled up near the generator, which quickly engulfed the two-storeyed factory building.

The shoe factory is not registered and the owner of the factory and his son were also killed in the fire, said police.

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