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Literature and ideology not a prize-winning formula | October 08, 2012 16:33
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Lian Peng, a columnist
Lian Peng, a columnist

Although Mo Yan has produced excellent literature, he still has his limitations as a writer and his literary achievements are questionable. Some people say we do not need to measure a writer's achievements to moral standards because no one in the world is morally pure. This, however, is merely an excuse that actually lowers standards and passes the buck. No one is forcing Mo to be a martyr, but he still can at least resist passively by not catering to immoral powers. How can he write literature of any spiritual value without freedom and beliefs, especially in a country that lacks the spirit of freedom?

@宁夏农夫:Literature should be paired with morality, law and the needs of humanity.

@宝林随心说:A writer must be an independent-minded individual, and should not cling to any bigwigs.

@雪域竹音:In my opinion, literary standards should not be confused with moral quality, and the integrity of an article should be independent of its origins. The question of whether morality should be placed above literature begs further deliberation.

@北村: I don't think it is appropriate to use political standards in weighing the value of literature. In fact, political ideologies do not necessarily influence the achievements of a writer. Attitudes toward humanity and basic human moral are the factors which can really influence a writer's literary level. However, this kind of influence is deeply inside; therefore, we should discuss the value from inside of the literary work.


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