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Suu Kyi vows to solve Myanmar copper row under rule of law
Xinhua | December 06, 2012 19:20
By Agencies
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Aung San Suu Kyi said Thursday that the dispute over Letpadaungtaung copper mining project in Monywa in northwestern Myanmar will be solved under the rule of law.

Suu Kyi, chairperson of investigation commission into the dispute, told a press conference at the Yangon Region parliament building that the commission will put forward recommendation which are based on the truth and in long-term interest of the nation and people.

She said that the mutual understanding is needed for best solution.

The commission will hold press briefing and release information on its findings, she added.

The members of the commission will be divided into three groups to investigate whether the copper mining project adheres to international norms and takes appropriate measures for environmental conservation, the impact of the copper mining project on social and natural environment and whether the copper mining project benefits the country, the people and future generations.

The project is being developed by a joint venture between Myanmar and Chinese companies in accordance with Myanmar's Foreign Investment Law.

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