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Opposition says Hungary needs new constitution
Xinhua | January 03, 2013 09:34
By Agencies
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Hungary needs a new constitution because the present basic law lacks public support, Hungarian Socialist Party MP Gergely Barandy quoted the standpoint of opposition organizations on Wednesday.

Barandy said this at a news conference after opposition organizations held the first round of talks on cooperation.

The organizations summed up their viewpoints for the new constitution in a document. It says the constitution should guarantee social, economic and legal security, dismantle all unjustified barriers to exercising the right to vote, establish a more proportionate, free and fair electoral system, create a democratic system of media supervision, rename Hungary as the Republic of Hungary.

The organizations agreed that not even in possession of a two-thirds majority in Parliament in the next parliamentary elections in 2014 would they draft a constitution alone, Barandy said.

The new constitution should be drafted in two stages, the most urgent measures will be taken to restore the rule of law in the first stage, and the new constitution based on social consensus will be drafted and passed in the second stage, he said.

The governing Fidesz party said in a statement that the participating organizations left their true intention unmentioned, namely eliminating the banking levy.

The talks were initiated by the main opposition Socialist Party and were attended by the Democratic Coalition, the electoral alliance Together 2014, the Hungarian Social Democratic Party and the Alliance Together for Hungary Party.

The Hungarian parliament approved the present constitution over protests from all opposition parties on April 18, 2011. The constitution came into force on Jan. 1, 2012.

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