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Taiwan civil service tests Party knowledge
Global Times | January 22, 2013 00:38
By Chang Meng
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Questions about the Communist Party of China's political theory appeared on Taiwan's elementary government employee examination over the weekend, drawing criticism from examinees saying they were inappropriate, while the local authority claimed the questions were not a surprise as they were outlined online.

Two multiple-choice questions regarding political theory and government structure on the Chinese mainland appeared under the "citizenship and English" section. One asked about the status of the "Outlook of Scientific Development" in CPC's constitution, while the other asked about the Central Military Committee's dual-existence in both Party and state organizational structures, reported by the Taipei-based Want Daily.

Some examinees considered the questions too difficult and "not related to Taiwan affairs," and requested the authority give full marks for the two questions regardless of the answer.

Lee Jih-Shyuan, spokesperson of Taiwan's Ministry of Examination, said the questions fall into the category of "major global political ideologies and cross-Straits relations" that was part of the exam's outline which was published in October. "All questions were carefully prepared, but we will discuss the controversies," said Lee.

A staffer with the ministry also told the Global Times Monday that the outline was designed to allow test takers to prepare, but did not detail the exam questions.

Gudao Diaoke, a Taiwan citizen who is preparing for the advanced government employee exam, told the Global Times that people with less interest in politics are likely to find such questions weird, since they have limited access to political structures on the mainland other than their college education or from the Internet.

"It's important to learn opinions from various parties, but such questions are perhaps more suitable for advanced or specialized tests which select candidates for the policy decision board," said Gudao.

Lo Shu-lei, a legislator of Kuomintang, said that government employees should learn mainland affairs as cross-Straits relations have been getting closer.

This year's elementary examination attracted 66,724 examinees competing for 357 vacancies, mostly related to local affairs, according to the ministry.

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