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Chinese grocer killed in robbery in SW Cambodia: police
Xinhua | March 18, 2013 13:29
By Agencies
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A Chinese man, running a grocer shop in Mondolsima district of Cambodia's Koh Kong province, was shot dead on Sunday in an armed robbery, Provincial Military Police Chief Gen. Thong Narong confirmed on Monday.

Yi Hong Ye, 33, was shot on his left rib and the bullet exited his right waist, he said, adding that the victim died on the way to hospital.

"An eye witness said that two men with an improvised gun escaped the scene after they shot the grocer," Thong Narong told Xinhua over telephone. The improvised rifle is used to shoot animals.

"No property was reportedly lost. It seemed there was a scuffle between the robbers and the victim before the shooting," he said. "After shooting, the robbers seemed fearful and ran into a nearby dense forest without taking any victim's asset."

He said that the robbers' identity has not been determined and local authorities are investigating the case. However, he admitted that it is hard to catch the perpetrators for legal punishment because the area is covered by a dense forest.

The victim opened shop in the area in order to sell grocery to Chinese workers who are building a 338 megawatt Russei Chrum Krom hydropower dam in the district.

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