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Putin nominates aide for Russian Central Bank chief
Xinhua | March 21, 2013 08:31
By Agencies
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Russian President Vladimir Putin had nominated Elvira Nabiullina, his economic aide, as head of the Central Bank, the Kremlin press service said Wednesday.

Nabiullina, minister of economic development in 2008-2012, could take over the bank's helm on June 24, when the term of its current head Sergei Ignatiev expires.

The nomination must be approved by parliament, which could discuss the topic on Friday.

Putin said earlier this month Nabiullina had "all the necessary knowledge and experience required for the post."

The Central Bank was not just a bank but a regulator of the financial system and the main institution of state macroeconomic policy, he said.

The nomination of Nabiullina, who has worked as Putin's economic aide since last May, surprised experts, as she was not shortlisted for the position.

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