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Iraq executes 7 convicts over terror charges
Xinhua | April 08, 2013 08:27
By Agencies
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The Iraqi Ministry of Justice on Sunday announced that it has executed seven convicted prisoners over terror charges.

"The executions were carried out today by hanging for the seven terrorists in accordance with Article 4 from the anti-terrorism Law," the ministry said in a statement.

The convicts were involved in crimes of killings and bomb attacks against Iraqi citizens, the statement said.

The increasing of executions in Iraq sparked calls by the UN mission in Iraq, the European Union and some international human rights groups to stop Baghdad's use of capital punishment, criticizing the lack of transparency in the proceedings of the country's courts.

Death penalty in Iraq was suspended for over a year after the U. S.-led invasion. Paul Bremer, then US administrator for Iraq, suspended its use on June 10, 2003.

However, the Iraqi government reinstated it on Aug. 8, 2004, saying it would curb the widespread violence in the country. Since then, scores of people have been executed, including the toppled Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

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