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Transparency levels the playing field
Global Times | June 18, 2013 22:08
By Global Times
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Central Huijin Investment Ltd, China's sovereign wealth fund manager tasked with investing in State-owned enterprises (SOEs), recently announced plans to purchase additional equity stakes in China Everbright Bank and New China Life Insurance Co. The investor also recently bought more shares in the country's Big Four banks.

These plays have been widely seen as part of broader efforts to boost confidence in domestic financial firms backed by the State. In the past, a lack of corporate transparency meant that retail investors had few choices but to follow along with where big State-backed institutional investors were putting their money - which was usually into the country's hulking SOEs.

But as authorities clamp down on accounting fraud and malfeasance, publicly traded companies are facing stiff penalties if they don't offer up accurate financial data to the market. The new openness we've seen as a result of this regulatory whip-cracking means that smaller firms with strong growth potential are now in a position to compete with blue-chips for investment funding.

The author is Xiao Yuhang, a commentator.

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