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Gay controversy
Global Times | June 20, 2013 20:08
By Global Times
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Li Sidi, a member of the Beijing LGBT Center, said that Galaxy SOHO apologized to him after initially blocking their participation in the Second Annual Craft Beer Festival being held there this weekend.

Saying that gay people do not fit with their architecture, Galaxy SOHO had turned down the organizer's proposal to invite the LGBT Center to the festival.

Earlier, the LGBT community had appealed to all its members to go to the festival in a bid to condemn Galaxy SOHO's biased decision.

Li confirmed to Metropolitan that his group had initially been denied entry. He then said that in Thursday's negotiations with SOHO, a female employee apologized to him and said that Galaxy SOHO does not discriminate against any groups. Li was satisfied with the negotiation and said the LGBT center will have a booth in the festival.

Liz Phung, the spokesperson for the festival organizer, said the festival will still be held at Galaxy SOHO, but she would not comment on the issue. 

Weibo users are criticizing Pan Shiyi, the owner of the SOHO Group, and his wife Zhang Xin for using excuses

to discriminate against homosexuals.

As of press time, the two had not responded to the criticism. Metropolitan made several attempts to reach Pan's secretary but the phone went unanswered.

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