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Global Times | July 01, 2013 19:58
By Global Times
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Inflatable sculpture to duck into Beijing

Beijingers will be able to see Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's famous inflatable sculpture Rubber Duck in the capital during Beijing Design Week, which runs from September 26 to October 3. Hofman visited Beijing last week and said he was considering locations to display the duck. Potential sites for the duck include Beihai Park, Houhai, the Summer Palace's Kunming Lake and the Olympic Forest Park's Aohai Lake. Where would you prefer to see Rubber Duck in Beijing? Evelyn Cheng hit the streets of Sanlitun to find out.

Cynthia Nkosi, flight attendant, South Africa

Maybe not far from the zoo because when you go there you want to see the pandas.

Morten Hamre, embassy employee, Norway

It should be somewhere where there are a lot of different kinds of people. There are not a lot of different kinds of people at the Olympic Forest Park.

Queenie Zhu, international trade, China

I think Houhai because it's bigger than other places. Houhai also has a night scene, which is nicer for taking pictures, especially if they can put something on the duck that will make it stand out at night.

Shum Wilson, office worker, Hong Kong

It should go to the Olympic Forest Park's Aohai Lake because the scenery is more traditional, which offers a good contrast with the modern duck. Beijing air is dirtier than Hong Kong's, but hopefully it can adjust to it!

Pat Thomas, teacher, Canada

The Olympic Park is very nice because it draws a lot of people. The Summer Palace is not "rubber-duckish" - it's old Beijing and the duck would look stupid there. I think my pick would be the Olympic Park because it's more modern. I think it presents better taste.

Greg Schroeder, tourist, US

They should put it in Chaoyang Park because it's bigger than the others.


Ji Yunsu, security guard, China

I would like to see it in Houhai. There's more space there. I feel the location is better because it's close to the center of the city. Near Houhai there are also a lot of cultural memorials.

Lily Ren, teacher, China

To enter Beihai Park you need a ticket. Houhai doesn't require visitors to buy tickets, so I would say Houhai.

David Zhang, marketing, China

The Olympic Park because Beihai is very narrow and there's nowhere to put the duck.

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