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Man ordered to pay child support
Global Times | July 16, 2013 23:23
By Jiang Yabin
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Pudong New Area People's Court has ordered a company executive to pay a woman 2,000 yuan ($326) a month in child support to raise a child he was unwilling to acknowledge, the court said Tuesday.

The unidentified woman sued the man, surnamed Wang, after she gave birth to the child in July 2012. She demanded 9,600 yuan a month in child support, which was about 25 percent of Wang's monthly salary, according to Fu Xinzhen, a press officer with the court.

She also demanded another 50,000 yuan to cover her living expenses and medical bills during and after the pregnancy.

The 30-something Wang met the woman on a dating website in June 2011, Fu said.

During the National Day holiday that year, the couple traveled together to northern China, according to a court press release. The court found that they remained in a close relationship after they returned to Shanghai. They had a falling out sometime later because Wang refused to acknowledge that the child was his.

Wang said that he ended the relationship in August 2011 after he found out that the woman had previously been married. He refused to take a paternity test to determine if the child was his, according to the court. He said that he never had sex with the woman, and they didn't even stay in the same hotel room when they traveled together.

The court ruled that Wang was the father because he refused to take the paternity test and the woman provided photographs and phone records that showed they had been in a close relationship at the time she got pregnant.

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