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Geely introduces SUV portfolio in 2013 Changchun Auto Show | July 23, 2013 10:30
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In 2013 Changchun Auto Show which opened on July 12, SUV models, especially various self-brand SUV models, keep drawing attentions. Auto enterprises are trying their best to make their SUV models become the champion on the auto market in the second half of this year. Particularly in the northeast China where SUV models are relatively popular, the SUV competition is sure to be fiercer in this auto show.

At Geely's exhibition pavilion, the reporter found that Geely, a newcomer in SUV market, focused on showing its two SUV models—the GX7 and SX7 in an all-around way. Besides giving potential consumers product presentations on the SX7, its latest SUV model,  Geely also held special activities for the two SUV models such as "Open Day of Geely SUV" , allowing consumers to directly understand the two SUVs' features and advantages on technology, safety, highlights and cost performance as well as Geely's sales promotion policies. Nearly 100 potential consumers joined the event, making a small sensation in this auto show.

According to Geely's staff, auto show is the best place to compare different models, where consumers can base their choices on objective comparisons in a straightforward way. In this auto show, Geely launched a series of SUV special events, in order to make consumers know the advantages of the GX7 and SX7 and the reasons for choosing them. Consumers are free to choose their favorite models by   a simple cross-reference.

It is reported that Geely exhibited two SUV models in this auto show: the GX7, its first SUV, and the SX7, its latest SUV. With its outstanding safety and product performance, the GX7 is hailed as the safest self-brand SUV in China, which catches the eyes of consumers and gains broad recognition and becomes Geely's main force to compete in both domestic and overseas markets. Meanwhile, the Englon SX7, which was just launched this year, shares the same technology platform with the GX7. Besides their high safety, high cost performance, high comfort, low fuel consumption, low cost and low noise, the two SUVs are both offered with displacements of 1.8L, 2.0L and 2.4L, and the 6-speed automatic DSI transmission (DSI-6AT) as well. The SX7 also distinguishes itself from the crowd for the following reasons: the integral shape of the Englon SX7 is round and plump; its 3-spoke chrome plated grille is well arranged; and accompanied with the aluminum alloy roof rack, front flat wiper blade and high-mount stop lamp, the 8-way electrically adjustable driver's seat and the heating devices in both driver's seat and deputy driver's seat make the SX7 more comfortable to drive. The co-exhibition of the GX7 and SX7 expands the coverage of consumers' demands and meets different consumers' needs. What's more, the excellent market performance and public recognition of the GX7 also create favorable conditions for the SX7 to enter into the market.

Insiders point that the market of self-brand SUV is still booming at present, but SUV buyers tend to be more rational, having more practical requirements on product qualities and brands. Meanwhile, more divergences are seen between different brands. Under this circumstance, Geely's marketing concept is considered to be welcome by more customers.

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