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Doctor involved in trafficking newborn babies out of hospital
Global Times | August 03, 2013 00:43
By Bai Tiantian
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Two people have been arrested and a doctor is under investigation in Fuping county, Shaanxi Province, after police looked into child trafficking allegations, Xi'an-based newspaper Chinese Business View reported on Friday.

According to police, several newborn infants were abducted from a local hospital in Fuping county by a group that worked across several provinces. Three suspects were caught and two have been placed under criminal detention.

The case was initially exposed by local media after a newborn baby was abducted by a doctor surnamed Zhang in Fuping Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital on July 16.

The doctor told the baby's parents their child was born with serious congenital diseases and died shortly after.

The family went to the police after the doctor failed to provide evidence of the baby's death or show them the body.

"We just want to know if my child is still alive and where he is," the mother, surnamed Dong, told the newspaper.

The newspaper said at least seven other families who had had similar experiences contacted the newspaper after reading the news.

The hospital president's office confirmed to the Global Times on Friday that Zhang was now assisting police in their investigation to apprehend the accomplices. 

However, the police refused to reveal the identity of the suspects to the Global Times on Friday.

An official from the Fuping Health Bureau added that the local government is working closely with police on the case.

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