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Pfizer plans to close Sydney plant
Xinhua | September 26, 2013 16:00
By Agencies
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Around 140 Pfizer workers will be out of work by 2015 when the American multinational pharmaceutical corporation closes its Sydney manufacturing plant, local media reported on Thursday.

Pfizer Australia, a subsidiary of Pfizer, announced the phased exit of the West Ryde plant on Thursday.

"This has been a difficult decision, and reflects the need to align our global manufacturing capacity with the needs of our business," manufacturing operations director Justin Mathie said.

"Our focus in the months ahead will be on those colleagues impacted by this decision, as well as ensuring we continue to make Pfizer medicines available to Australian patients."

Pfizer's other Australian plant, based in Perth, will remain open.

Pfizer Australia currently employs more than 1,600 people.

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