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Bahrain deports 5,232 illegal workers
Xinhua | October 07, 2013 08:33
By Agencies
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Bahrain has deported over 5,000 illegal workers since the start of the current year as authorities intensify inspection campaigns.

As many as 2,391 illegal workers have been deported from July till September 2013, said an official from the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs on Sunday.

"The total number of expatriates who were deported in the nine months of 2013 reached 5,232 males and females," the official said in a statement.

He added the department of Exits, Search and Follow-up is working in tandem with different government bodies to intensify inspections in an effort to tackle the problem of illegal workers.

According to Bahrain's main body that has database of all foreign workers, the Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), there are 52,000 expatriates living in Bahrain without the proper paperwork.

A 30-member squad is presently working with LMRA in cracking down on illegal foreign workers.

Expatriates become illegal workers if their work permits expire or are cancelled, they do not switch to other jobs during stipulated time, their businesses are closed down or even they were reported absent from work.

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