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China's Internet advertising continues surge in Q3
Xinhua | October 30, 2013 22:33
By Agencies
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China's Internet advertising market has continued to heat up, hitting a volume of 28.77 billion yuan (about $4.72 billion) in the third quarter of 2013, a major tech industry analyst said on Wednesday.

The figure indicated a 24.2-percent quarter-on-quarter increase, according to Analysys International.

In the booming Internet advertising market, Internet video advertising has become a major sub-sector with a market size of 3.25 billion yuan, which represents a 13-percent quarter-on-quarter increase.

In the third quarter, China also saw growth in online searching, with its market size reaching 11.28 billion yuan, a 20.3-percent quarter-on-quarter jump.

The top three online search service providers were Baidu, Google China and Sogou, with market shares of 76.9, 12.2 and 8 percent respectively.

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