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SUVs and ‘green’ cars shine most
Global Times | November 29, 2013 05:03
By Global Times
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China's last auto show of the year drops its curtains Saturday in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province, after setting nearly 1,000 vehicles on display, which included the international debut of some 30 vehicles, attracting more than 700 exhibitors to the Guangzhou Auto Show.

The weeklong-plus event that opened on November 20 under the banner "Lead the trend, steer the future" drew some 140,000 visitors in the first two days.

Despite the show being regarded by insiders as only a regional event incomparable to its counterparts in Beijing and Shanghai, let alone to the more traditionally popular auto shows in Geneva or Los Angeles, auto producers went all out, rolling out the red carpet in Guangzhou, showcasing more advanced cars with upgraded technologies, proving their strong determination to grab a bigger market share in China, the world's largest auto market.

New models with energy-saving technologies dominated the stages, in line with direction given by the Chinese government's environmental protection policies, underlining a developing 'green' car trend in the industry as more municipalities shift their attention from boosting car sales to controlling the number of emissions-producing vehicles on the roads.

Insiders, however, admitted that profit in China's auto market no longer depends on car sales, but on after-sales services, emphasizing that the ability to satisfy moneyed Chinese buyers will be of critical importance in the years to come.

Nevertheless, shiny SUVS and flashy sports cars with beautiful models by their sides inspired visitors, who know that owning an expensive car is a must for the "tuhao," a nickname for the rich in China.

The Global Times details a handful of vehicles that made the biggest splash at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Touareg V8

Touareg V8

Touareg V8 is a unique SUV provided by Volkswagen, delivering in engine requirements, control systems, off-road driving and luxury enjoyment. With 4-wheel drive and digital shock-absorbing suspensions, it is a highly adaptable vehicle made for city driving, high-speed navigation and mountain road challenges, all while maintaining an appearance elegant enough for top-end clubs - highlighting the entire design as much as it projects a dignified image.

The interior design is exquisite with its Nappa leather-covering and ventilated seats that bring comfort in any weather.

Jaguar C-X17

Jaguar C-X17

An eye-catching five-seater, the C-X17 is a lightweight SUV sports crossover with a spacious and innovative cabin featuring bespoke, high-quality interior finishes and materials combined with advanced technologies.

Based on the compact premium lightweight architecture of Land Rover, it showcases next-generation lightweight technologies in the form of Jaguar's all-new advanced aluminum monocoque design. A well-thought out blend of sleek lines, sporting performance and luxurious sophistication with enhanced practicality shows off the diversity of the vehicle.

To appeal to a wider global audience, the sports crossover concept expands Jaguar's portfolio of body styles and enhances the brand's relevance to a greater number of consumers.

Volvo S60L

Volvo S60L

Designed and developed in Sweden for the China market, the all-new Volvo S60L offers the driver more space than the S60 - with the base of the wheel lengthened by some 80 milliliters. Adopting a clever layout interior, it inherits the grace of its predecessor, while providing much more, including a chromeplate frame for the front grille and a chromeplate trim for the rear bumper, appealing to the aesthetic demand of consumers in China.

The S60L avoids the noxious gas emitted by asphalt under high temperatures. Impressively equipped with an in-car air quality control system and autonomous cleaning system, the vehicle obstructs more than 95 percent of PM2.5 to provide the driver and passengers with nothing but pure air.

Lotus Elise S

Lotus Elise S

The Lotus Elise S is a racing car with excellent performance that stands up to even the most competitive of F1 cars.

With a low-set body, aggressive shape and aerodynamics components designed for circuit-racing, its appearance embodies the true spirit of a racing car.

The lightweight chassis and supercharged engine enables the vehicle to reach the perfect balance between weight and power - with Lotus' extruded core technology, it tips the scales at just 1,176 kilograms with a solid structure and a torque of 400 Newton meters. The six-speed manual gearbox, large-diameter brake disc and four-piston calipers brings the driver the ultimate control in this powerful ride that can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in four seconds flat.

Smart (3rd edition)

Smart (3rd edition)

The third generation Smart car maintains its distinct appearance and interior while adapting new, innovative technology to increase the electric-powered run-time and reduce charging times with a special charger that can be fitted to a garage wall or parking space - and a full charge takes just seven hours now.

Providing power via a lithium battery with a capacity of 17.6 kilowatt-hours, the extended range of Smart reaches 145 kilometers on a full charge, which is enough to suit traffic demands within urban areas.

Equipped with a 35-kilowatt electric motor, Smart has a peak output power of 55 kilowatts and a peak torque of 130 Newton meters - allowing the vehicle to reach speeds of up to 125 kilometers per hour and accelerate up to 60 kilometers per hour in 4.8 seconds.

Driven by electricity, the Smart car allows for a silent, peaceful driving experience.

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