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Official arrested for raping female teacher | July 14, 2011 17:19
By Agencies
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An official from the Bureau of Land and Resources in the town of Ashi, part of the Bijie Prefecture in southwestern Guizhou Province, was arrested on Thursday, two months after he allegedly raped a female teacher, according to the People's Daily Online.

Wang Zhonggui, 28, the chief of the local Bureau of Land and Resources, is accused of sexually assaulting Zhou Qin, a 26-year-old English teacher from the local junior high school after she became intoxicated.

The case has aroused heated discussion on the Internet for the way in which it was initially handled by local police. When the teacher went to the local police after the incident, the police dismissed the case after investigation by saying that "wearing a condom while having sex does not count as rape."

On the afternoon of May 17, Zhou was asked by Dai Liping, the school principal, to attend a banquet at the school dining hall with some officials. She was ordered to sit with the officials and toast each one of them with at least one cup of liquor and, in Wang's case, two extra cups.

Zhou altogether emptied 15 to 16 cups of liquor, which was beyond her tolerance.

Wang offered to drive Zhou home after the dinner but took her to his bureau office instead of her home, which was in the opposite direction.

After other colleagues left Wang's office, he latched the door and began molesting her. She then realized that she was in danger, and excused herself to the bathroom inside the office and locked the two doors from inside.

Zhou fell asleep in the bathroom, and Wang climbed into it from outside the office building by using a wooden ladder.

At 6 pm, Zhou woke up and found herself naked in Wang's bed with no one else in the room. She left the building and later told her mother and boyfriend that she was raped by Wang.

At 2 pm on May 19, the local police investigated Wang's bureau and found a used condom, toilet paper and a bed sheet in the backyard.

"The evidence shows that Wang did have sex with Zhou," said the police.

However, police stopped the investigation on the grounds of lack of evidence.

Zhong Xiancong, an official at the public security bureau in the town of Ashi, told reporters that it was difficult to classify the incident as rape as Wang wore a condom.

Zhou was told by Zhong and officials from the bureau that they should settle the case in private as it would be best for both of them.

"I want to clear my daughter's name through legal procedures," said Li Xinping, Zhou's mother.

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