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British media should stop being mean
Global Times | August 10, 2011 19:50
By Agencies
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During and after the riots in London, the Chinese government as well as its media, unlike the UK government and its media in the past, has been able to refrain itself from blaming the British for cracking down on a "revolution" by the youth. The Chinese media didn't challenge London's ability to hold a peaceful Olympic Games either, though it has the opportunity to do so.

In fact, this riot has exposed many issues in the UK and they can all be used by foreign media to embarrass the country. For instance, foreign media can argue that the riot is actually an explosion of years of ethnic isolation and conflicts.

They can also criticize the damaged relationships between the police and the community, since more than 200 people were arrested in the riot.

But the Chinese media or the government didn't do that. Because we don't like rub salt into others' wounds and mindlessly raise the problems to a serious level that actually has nothing to do with the issue itself. Rioters may have various excuses for their behaviors, but there is no excuse for using violence.

Thus, no matter how the UK police "cracked down" on the incident, the first to be condemned should be the "rioters."

The riot in London must have something to do with human rights abuses. But it is hypocritical to talk about human rights issues without taking into account of the context.

These, however, are what the British and some of its media have done to China.

They enjoy ridiculing China's effort in improving its governance and society, often side with violent rioters and even launch official protests to the Chinese government when social conflicts break out in China.

During his visit in China, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron challenged China's human rights issues, but look what has happened now in his country.

We don't intend to bring more trouble to the UK government when it is struggling to handle this incident. We are simply trying to remind them what they said to other countries when they were stuck in a similar situation.

To respect yourself, you must respect the others first. The UK, however, seems believe that to respect yourself, you must disrespect others. It should stop promoting this weird logic.

Huanqiu Shibao

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