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Pakistan Taliban claims responsibility for Peshawar bomb attacks
Xinhua | August 12, 2011 13:39
By Agencies
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Pakistan Taliban claimed responsibility for Thursday's bomb attacks in Peshawar, local Urdu TV channel Ary said on Friday.

Two bomb attacks including one suicide bombing hit Peshawar, capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in northwest Pakistan, leaving eight people dead and 37 others injured, many of them were policemen.

At about 7:00 a.m. local time Thursday, a roadside bomb planted under a pile of fruits along the street in the Lahori Gate area of Peshawar hit a police van carrying an estimated 20 police officers to duty places.

Six people including five policemen on the bus and one child were killed on the spot while 17 other police officers on board were injured.

A few hours later, two female suicide bombers attacked a checkpost temporarily set up near the first blast site. They first threw a hand grenade, causing a stampede, before they committed suicide attack.

One suicide bomber, aged between 16 to 17, first blew herself up. The other, aged at about 45, failed to detonate her suicide jacket and got wounded in the explosion and later died of the wounds.

The suicide attack killed at least two people and injured over 20 others including two policemen, said local reports.

Following the two blasts, police also foiled a third bomb attack attempt at the Matni area of Peshawar by killing a 14-year- old male suicide bomber together with a driver who was sending him to carry out the suicide attack.

Local reports quoted police sources as saying that Thursday's serial bomb attacks in Peshawar could be a retaliation for a large- scale search operation launched by the police Wednesday night at the outskirts of the city, during which one Taliban leader was arrested.

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