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Female Chinese students return from France floozies: judicial scholar
Global Times | August 25, 2011 01:50
By Guo Kai and Zhang Xiulan
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Chinese women come home super sluts after studying in France, according to an associate judicial professor lecturing his class.

Zhang Haixia with an institute under the Ministry of Justice explained how all female students from China change into "Super Pan Jinlian" after returning home in a short undated video published online on Tuesday by Sina Weibo user Paris Observation.

Pan is a famously loose character from the Water Margin, one of the four great classical Chinese novels, and the poser believed that Zhang, as a counselor on judicial examinations, should be criticized.

Internet users including Wan Baobao, Lü Yan and Chinese scholar Yu Jianrong all forwarded the video.

After finding his video on Wednesday, Zhang responded on his microblog that it was "extremely shameless and despicable public opinion persecution" of him. People had defied his copyright over his own sayings, he wrote.

"Teachers can talk freely in class, and their sayings will only influence their students, but now, without the author's agreement, the sayings are published on the Internet, and especially sayings arbitrarily clipped and maliciously used. I'll bring the case to court, suing Yu Jianrong and the accomplice organization."

Zhang singled out Yu.

"You know that in my class, I only influence fewer than 100 people, but your microblog will influence some millions of people," he wrote. "And it will surely affect my reputation."

Zhang's words exhibited his disrespect for Chinese female students in France, and hurt many students, Yu told the Global Times on Wednesday.

"It is an improper saying," he said. "I will treat his statement of bringing me to court as a joke. I only forwarded a short online message and I deleted the words cursing him."

About 100,000 Chinese study at about 30 French universities, according to Cheurope Education, an intermediary agency that helps Chinese students to study in Europe.

"That's total bullshit," Wu Shan, a student of international communication and management at the University Stendhal of Grenoble, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

"Students in France lead a normal life, study and do part-time work," she said.

"They are much more independent and sophisticated. As a female student in France, Zhang's words hurt me."

China has stiff regulations about forwarding blogs without the author's agreement, Liu Wenjie, a professor at the Communication University of China in Beijing, told the Global Times.

"But Zhang has no evidence to sue Yu as Yu only transferred his own words totally without garbling the message," Liu said.

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