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  • Many still wait for relief supplies
    Post-quake relief work continued in Ya’an, Sichuan Province, five days after the 7.0 magnitude quake on Saturday as local authorities switched their focus to the distribution of relief supplies.
  • Quake rescue work sped up
    All-out disaster-relief efforts continued on Monday in Ya’an, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, which was severely hit by Saturday’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake, to make the most of the 72 hours after the quake, k...
  • Quake alarm system debated
    A Chengdu-based research institute set off an alarm within seconds of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hitting Lushan county and surrounding areas Saturday morning, prompting a discussion on the need to establish a nationwide earthqua...
  • Cash donations flood in on Weibo
    Cash donations have flooded into the earthquake-jolted Sichuan Province via online charity platforms based on the microblog service, an increasingly popular non-governmental channel.
  • Sichuan picks itself up again
    After an earthquake like that which happened in Ya’an in Sichuan, pulling the injured from the rubble within the first 72 hours is known as the golden time, but various problems are piling up to slow rescue efforts and are h...
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Dead 196
Missing 21
Injured 12,211

List of the decedents
Name Sex
Tian Guanglan Female 45
Zeng Lirong Female 44
Zou Hanjun Female 49
Wang Qiong Female 45
He Xiuguo Male 77
Yue Yuting Female 17
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Quake Stories
Chen Ying conducts an interview while clad in her
Ya’an TV news reporter Chen Ying conducted street interviews immediately after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake hits Ya'an, Southwest China's Sichuan Province at around 8 am on April 20, when she was putting on the make-up for her wedding ceremony and was already wearing the wedding dress. Source: Yangtse Evening Post
‘I should have woken him up earlier’
“He was going to take the entrance exam for high school (in June). I wanted him to sleep more at weekends. I should have woken him up earlier,” Zhang cried. Her 16-year-old grandson Junjun was killed in the earthquake because the neighboring house collapsed and hit the boy’s bedroom. Source: The Beijing News
Mother’s love
The woman pictured tried to rescue her son, who was trapped in the washroom when the deadly earthquake happened. The son begged her to leave him alone as he saw the rest of the house was beginning to collapse. However, the mother finally managed to move away a slab weighing over 50 kilograms by herself to save her son. She said she did not know where her strength came from. Source: West China City Daily
Brave love
Lü Caiwen and his girlfriend Xiao Qin lived in a rented 2-storey house at the Tianquan county, Ya’an city. They were still sleeping when the 7.0-magnitude earthquake occurred Saturday morning. Lü was waken up by the wild shakes and immediately realized what was happening. As the ceiling was about to fall down, he quickly turned over his body to protect his girlfriend beside him. After the quake, the couple climbed out from the rubble, although Lü’s head and body were wounded. Xiao said that she firmly believed Lü’s love for her and was determined to spend her whole life with this man. Source: West China City Daily
  • Life back to normal in quake-hit Lushan county, SW China
  • Shaken Lushan residents regain footing
  • Volunteer teachers resume classes after quake
  • Shaolin monks treat injuries in quake-hit Lushan
  • Life of quake-affected people in Baoxing
  • Senior students in Baoxing’s middle school resume study
  • Daily life of quake-affected people in Lushan
  • Rainfall hits Lushan county
  • Students in Lushan resume study to prepare for college entrance exam
  • Rescue work continues in quake-hit Baoxing county
  • Militiamen help villager transfer grain out of ruins at Lushan county
  • Local villagers climb mountains to get relief supplies in Lushan county
  • Daily life of quake-affected people in Lushan county
  • A total of 200 tent toilets sent to quake-hit Ya'an city
  • Helicopters used in quake rescue operations in Sichuan
  • Baby girl born in quake-hit Lushan county
  • Rescuers trying to grasp 'golden time' of 72 hours to save life
  • Road reopend
  • Hospital opens green channel for victims in earthquake
  • Temporary school set up in quake-hit zone
  • Earthquake victims receive relief materials in Lushan county, Sichuan
  • High school students prepare for college entrance exam in Sichuan
  • College students trapped in quake-hit Ya'an city return to Shaanxi
  • Baby girl born in Baoxing county after earthquake
  • Injured people receive treatment after deadly quake in Sichuan
  • Rescuers work hard at quake-hit area in Sichuan
  • Traffic preliminarily restored on quake-hit section of S210 highway
  • Rescuers struggling to reach every household in quake area in Sichuan
  • Quake panda
  • Rescue work continues as quake death toll rises
  • Soldiers arrive in severely-hit Taiping town in Ya'an city
  • Temporary shelters set up in Lushan county of Ya'an city
  • Premier Li visits patients injured in earthquake
  • Rescue team from Hangzhou arrives in quake-hit Ya'an city
  • Earthquake aftermath in Baoxing County, Ya'an City
  • Death toll rises to 179 in China quake
  • Workers rush to repair road in Lushan Country, Sichuan
  • First night after the Lushan quake
  • 2 soldiers die as vehicle falls off cliff during rescue mission
Dispute Topics

Should we trust the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) again?
Of course, the public will have its doubts, but we cannot refrain from helping people in Lushan because of our distrust for an organization. We should abandon all prejudices during relief efforts and call on the public to trust the RCSC. At the same time, this is also a test of the RCSC's credibility.

This is not a time for griping. Though private charity organizations are undoubtedly worthy of praise in dealing with disasters, official aid and foundations still play important roles. Taking advantage of heated public opinion to undermine efforts by the RCSC is harmful to both the overall rescue and the long-term development of China's charity organizations. 

 Qianjiang Evening News

The public should put aside its disputes and focus on disaster relief work.

A post on the RCSC's official microblog regarding the charity's earthquake relief efforts on April 21 quickly garnered tens of thousands of comments from netizens simply saying, 'go away'. This should not be seen as a refusal of help from the RCSC. Though there have been points of contention in the past, we should lay aside these disputes during rescue and relief work.
Quake Comparison
Graphics: Global Times

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Quake Warning News
"Its warning effect is quite limited in the epicenter area."

"It's an urgent need. Our system gets good government support, but many local authorities are still reluctant to install it and we need more public education on the importance of earthquake alarms"

--Wang Tun, director of Institute of Care-life
Name  National earthquake monitoring and warning system 
Completion time   In five years 
Facilities   Some 5,000 stations across the country 
Cost   2 billion yuan ($320.4 million) 
Current progress   A trial program in Fujian Province, including nearly 100 monitoring stations, was successful. 
Function  rDetect quakes
 rNotify people seconds before quake hits
 fForecast an earthquake


Lushan county, Ya'an city,
Southwest China's Sichuan Province

30.3 degrees north latitude,

103.0 degrees east longitude

8:02 am, April 20, 2013
Affected people
1.99 million
Death toll
Updated at 2:20 pm, April 23
Rescue work continues

Ways to Help
Bank transfer for foreign donors

dChinese Red Cross Foundation
Bank Name:Bank of China 
Account Number:800100086608091014 
Account Name:The Chinese Red Cross Foundation 
Swift Code:BKCHCNBJ 
Tel: +86-10-65599762

dDonate online:

Urgently needed supplies

Color-striped tarpaulins, umbrellas, sanitary napkins, baby products, bread, ship biscuits, instant noodles, blankets, tents, flashlights, batteries, generators, radios

Needed medicines

tetanus immune globulin, phosphonomycin, ethamsylate, injury tablets


dUse Internet messages and short messages to contact your relatives or friends.
dDo not phone numbers in Sichuan.
dDo not drive private cars on the highway between Chengdu and Ya'an.
Useful Contacts
Rescue number
Donation number for Ya'an civil affairs bureau
Ya'an blood station
Ya'an People's hospital
Ya'an Fire Station
'Life Channel Convoy' of Chengdu traffic police
Sichuan emergency news center
雅安地震 yǎ’ān dìzhèn

Ya'an earthquake

红会信任危机 hónghuì xìnrèn wēijī

Red Cross credibility crisis

救援“黄金时间”  jiùyuán huángjīnshíjiān

Golden window