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'Military style management'

  • Source: Global Times
  • [01:14 May 24 2010]
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A workers' advocate and eight Internet users applied and were accepted to work at Foxconn. They tried to look into the plight of the company's 420,000 workers and came out with a list of 10 problems that the management of Foxconn have either overlooked or ignored.

Zhu Guangbing, 36, a migrant workers for 13 years, said he wanted to help the Foxconn employees and he led the group.

They found that security guards at the company often scold or beat workers. The company also forced workers to sign agreements against their will.

"The company uses military style management. The managers always scold workers. The lower rank workers have resent the management," the report said.

The team worked at Foxconn fore three days and talked to 50 workers.

"Few members in the labor union of Foxconn were selected by workers and the labor union is more like a logistics department that offers services like booking of tickets than protecting the rights of workers," Zhu said.

The harsh management style also made an impression on the team. For example, some workers are frustrated about their pay and that managers make deduc-tions for unfair reasons. Zhu also found some workers work 120 hours in overtime each month in order to earn a decent living.

Foxconn lost 150,000 workers in the past three months. The high turnover makes some workers feel like they cannot make any friends.

In a previous interview with the magazine, the Richest Chinese, the company's chief executive Terry Gou said he personally works 15 hours every day and expects all of his employees to work as hard as him. When asked about the secret of the company's success, Gou said selecting the right clients is the main reason, followed by the firm's advanced facilities, management and finally manpower.

Calls to the company management were unanswered.

The report also highlighted some positive management style, such as providing training and buying insurance for workers.