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Bathhouse that offered 'sex bribes' to police busted for prostitution

  • Source: Global Times
  • [01:02 August 18 2010]
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By Yang Ruoyu

A large prostitution ring said to have offered free sex services to police as bribes was broken by authorities in Beijing and is undergoing trial at the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court.

The leaders of the group, Wang Aiguo and his family, are accused of making more than 30 million yuan ($4.4 million) through a bathhouse in which sex services were provided, the Beijing Times reported Tuesday.

Wang and his wife Sun Meiyu started running their bathhouse in 2003. Most of the customers were taken to the bathhouse by local taxi drivers.

The report said the bathhouse provided free sex services to a police officer who visited the bath center three to four times a week.

Wang also gave that officer a car that cost 71,500 yuan ($10,525) for help to run a hotel.

The police officer called Wang each time a crackdown on prostitution was about to take place.

To ensure business operations ran smoothly, workers at the bath center were equipped with walkie-talkies and electronic accessories were also installed at the bathhouse so that workers could send signals to colleagues when police-men came. The workers would ask the prostitutes to leave the bathhouse when they received the signals.

The bathhouse had escaped police detection until March 12 last year, when a man reported to the police that he had 13,000 yuan ($1,913) extorted from him there. The police launched an investigation into the incident and discovered the prostitution business.

Police arrested more than 150 people in the ensuing raid. Some of the prostitutes were given administrative detention, while 54 others were transferred to the procuratorate for further handling.

Another such prostitution ring in Chongqing was convicted of bribery a week ago. The group leader Wang Ziqi was sentenced to death for organizing prostitution and coercing others into prostitution. Wang had bribed five officials over the course of 16 years.

"The root cause of the collusion between government officials and illegal businessmen is the lack of supervision over officials' authority. This means officials have many opportunities to use their power to make personal gain," said Chen Hongtai, a sociologist from the Institute of Political Science under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.