Chinese version of ‘Cavalia’ equestrian show begins second run in Beijing

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/8/14 18:08:39

A horse and rider from Wuma Photo: Courtesy of Liu Wen

Wuma, the Chinese version of the world famous Cavalia equestrian show, returned to Beijing's Chaoyang Park on Thursday night to begin its second run.

First, debuting on April 28, the show was staged in Beijing 70 times before going on hiatus to give some time off to its biggest stars: the horses.

According to the show's organizers, the second run will see five new members, including a miniature horse named Little Peanut, join the cast. The equestrian show, which has toured to many cities around the world, has a cast of 40 horses and riders.

The show combines acrobatics, live singing and acting as well as live music and a multimedia screen to showcase various locations, from deserts to rainforests, where stories between people and horses take place.

Now a part of the Fourth Beijing Cultural Consumption Season, the second run will receive local government support. In response, the show's organizers have reduced the price of the show's most expensive ticket from 1,980 yuan ($298.4) to 1,280 yuan. 

This second run is scheduled to end in February 2017. 

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