Painful divorce shouldn’t be public fodder

By Shan Renping Source:Global Times Published: 2016/8/15 23:08:39 Last Updated: 2016/8/15 23:08:40

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Famous Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang, a country-boy-turned-star, announced on his Weibo account, a Chinese version of Twitter, on early Sunday that he will divorce his wife Ma Rong and fire his manager Song Zhe, because the affair of Ma and Song has severely hurt Wang's marriage and family. Wang also claimed he would try to minimize the damage to the grandparents on both sides as well as his children.

A few hours later, Ma responded on her Weibo account that Wang was doing so to cover up his own wrongdoing, which however, will reveal itself eventually.

An overwhelming information and comments about the case has emerged on the Internet ever since, including a lot of gossip claiming that Wang has been a long-term cheat himself. Some of them sound like real stories. The scandals of stars seem to have once again caused a carnival among netizens.

However, as Wang mentioned, the event might cause damage to both his parents and children. But the netizens spreading the news excitedly showed no sympathy. Ma's response was full of suspense, and it is so far unknown whether it has anything to do with the gossip about Wang online. But if the couple keeps hurting each other like that, the results will be a drama as crazy as anything on TV.

Divorces, especially between celebrity couples due to extramarital affair, are not unusual enough for their level of hype. A peaceful breakup should be encouraged whatever the circumstances. How celebrities deal with the disgraceful cases that lead to their divorce will not only affect the entire social atmosphere, but also set an example for the society.

In the Internet era, it is nothing uncommon for people to spread or read gossip about stars. Yet both Wang and Ma should exercise some restraint while turning their breakup into a cheesy drama. The less they vent their anger and frustration to the public, the more self-respect they will earn. Instead of competing to show their hatred for each other and exposing one another's defects, some restraint will cause less injury to their family and less pollution to the society. The Internet has made it easier for everyone to be heard. It is hence more convenient for the public to watch the shows like this up close. Such an environment will generate pressure and temptation for couples like this to quarrel more for the sake of their own publicity.

Wang, Ma and the public should remember that the couple are the parents of two children. They will need to shoulder the responsibility of raising and educating their kids in the future. Therefore, they should leave room for the years to come for the sake of their daughter and son, instead of spelling out every ugly word about everything they are not satisfied with. Meanwhile, the public opinion should neither guide nor push the two toward the direction of bitter mutual squabbling.

There might be immoral details behind the divorce. But when dealing with it, we all can choose a path that's as moral as possible.

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