Olympic proposal shouldn’t be dwarfed by celebrity gossip

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/8/16 0:08:39

Romantic love stories, whether they have a happy ending or finish in tragedy, can always strike a chord with everyone. This week, two Chinese couples in the public eye have caused a sensation online after they revealed two totally different stories about love.

After losing to her teammate but acquiring a silver medal in the diving at the Rio Olympics, Chinese diver He Zi soon found that her setbacks may no longer matter after her boyfriend, Qin Kai, also an Olympic diving medalist, proposed to her as she stood atop the medal podium.

The touching moment was captured by media, and was quickly circulated around the globe. CNN put a picture of Qin getting down on one knee in front of He on the front page of its website.

He and Qin quickly amassed huge numbers of congratulations. Regardless of the differences in terms of race, ethnicity and language, this moment becomes eternal for all kind-hearted men and women.

But just one day earlier, Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang announced he was divorcing his wife on social media. Wang, who shot to stardom from a poor family and is a household name, said his beautiful wife, Ma Rong, had an affair with his agent. This news raised quite a stir on the Chinese Internet and has almost stolen the thunder of the Olympic Games.

Even though Qin's proposal is impressive, sadly, it has garnered much less attention than Wang's divorce. As of press time, there were 4.08 billion hash-tags and topics about Wang's divorce and it was mentioned in 1.04 million discussions and debates. In stark contrast, there were only 18.43 million searches and 13,000 discussions about Qin and He.

However, Wang's divorce has barely made a ripple in international public opinion. This has led some to believe that Chinese only delight in the negative to the detriment of the positive. Although the judgment is a bit simplistic and biased, it makes some kind of sense.

Neither the two Chinese divers nor Wang and his wife are well-known in other countries. However, since the proposal happened at the Olympics, and the majority are always attracted by something beautiful, people everywhere know about it.

But people are also insatiably curious about celebrity gossip. Wang's humble background and his overnight success with a rising career and a beautiful wife make his wife's alleged affair and subsequent divorce the juiciest of gossip.

The nationwide obsession with Wang's divorce shows everyone has a vulgar taste, as also shown by the wall-to-wall coverage when celebrities break up in the West.

It's discouraging that the amount of attention given to He and Qin is disproportionately lower than that given to Wang and Ma. It would be better if Chinese netizens could be more interested in the bright side, not the dark side of humanity.

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