No-Boundaries International Youth Art Exhibition held in the United Nations Headquarters

By Zheng Sining Published: 2016/8/19 14:43:47

NEW YORK — On a sultry summer day within the glass doors of the UN Headquarters, the first "No-Boundaries" International Art Exhibition held its opening ceremony on August 14. The theme of the exhibition was building communication between different countries and ethnicities through the channel of art. Over 150 individual pieces were on display, with the primary mediums being drawing, painting and photography. 

"I learned through observation of other styles of artwork created by artists from various nations," 17-year-old artist Miri declared gleefully. "I'm Jewish and am going to study in Israel. Art can really enhance one's feeling to his or her culture."

The concept of "No-Boundaries" art is based on the belief that art is not restricted by race, nationality, or even physical condition. Indeed, some of the artwork on display comes from the World of Art Brut Culture, a nonprofit organization working to educate and improve the quality of life of disabled youth. By providing a platform for artists from around the globe, the event aims to promote exchanges in art education as well as further increase the recognition of the importance of art.

"Every grain represents an individual, and the spoon indicates the one world we all live in," Korean artist Hayoon Lee explained, as she introduced her selected art piece "A Full Spoon Full of Life." The oil painting was stretched out on a canvas, featuring a giant white ladle cradling a scoop of blue rice. "I chose blue because it is the color of the sky and the sea, and it is also the color of peace and unity. Nowadays, there are still many children suffering from hunger, so I hope my painting can raise people's awareness," added Lee.

Art can influence our lives in an endless number of ways, and its positive effects are manifold. From helping an autistic child to overcome his struggles to allowing rival tribes to reconcile their differences, art brings positive energy to our world. The exhibition created a successful platform for people from all walks of life to join together, and proudly spread the word that when it comes to art, there are no boundaries.

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