Beijing student takes on sexual harassment with ‘awareness map’

By Global Times Source:Agencies Published: 2016/8/31 18:53:39

A university student in Beijing is joining the fight against sexual harassment on his campus by mapping the locations of reported incidents.

Kang Chenwei, a Chinese major at Beijing Normal University (BNU), included the map as part of a lengthy study on his school's history of sexual harassment cases.

The map, which includes the times and locations of 60 reported cases since 2007, illustrates an ongoing problem at BNU, something Kang said is evident in the frequent discussion threads on BNU's forum.

"I can't remember how many cases I've read in the past three years, but nobody has ever done a study on it," said Kang.

The BNU junior spent four months compiling the report, titled "Silent Iron Lion," which is also starting conversations about why victims on campus usually remain silent.

"This report won't wipe out sexual harassment, far from it," said Kang. "But I hope it helps empower and strengthen security on campus," said Kang.

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