China's Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival faces 'popularity vs talent' controversy

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/9/25 19:18:39

China’s top film festival faces controversy

Feng Shaofeng Photo: CFP

The Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival, one of China's longest and most prestigious film festivals, faces criticism after its biggest awards in the acting categories were given to young popular stars instead of performers seen as possessing superior acting skills.

Originally two separate film festivals - the Golden Rooster Film Festival, which started in 1981 and whose winners were selected by industry professionals, and the Hundred Flowers Film Festival, established in 1962 and whose awards were selected by the public - the two combined into one event in 1992, with each of the two sub-festivals taking turns on even and odd numbered years.

As this year is an even year, the winners were decided by popular vote.

At the award ceremony on Saturday night, popular heartthrob Li Yifeng won the Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Mr. Six, beating out actors Duan Yihong in The Dead End and Zhang Yi in Dearest, both of whom were praised for their outstanding performances.

The Best Leading Actor Award went to Feng Shaofeng for his performance in Wolf Totem, leaving multiple-award winners Feng Xiaogang in Mr. Six, Huang Bo in Dearest and Deng Chao in The Dead End out in the cold.

The Best Supporting Actress Award went to Yang Ying (Angelababy), who has long been criticized for her mediocre acting skills, for her performance in Mojin- The Lost Legend.

Once highly regarded, the film festival's influence has been declining, with  industry insiders, the media and film-lovers claiming it is trying to bring in viewer numbers by relying on hot young stars who have millions of young fans willing to spend money to support their idols.

Newspaper headline: China’s top film festival faces controversy

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